Administration & Staff

All the way from clinical research through cancer care, Siteman Cancer Center’s world-class programs are run by the most dedicated and caring administration and staff in the medical profession. Whether putting together grants, distributing public health information or coordinating patient care; our research, business and clinical administrators are what make Siteman tick.

Research & Business Administration Staff

Research Administration

Karen Kharasch, Executive Director of Research and Business Administration

Nick Fisher, Director of Operations

Jen Zhou, MBA, Research Administrator, Shared Resources

Kyle Neeley, Research Administrator, Programs, membership, grant development

Paige Isom, Research Administrator Funding and awards, programs

Sayako Smith, Project Manager, Data/metrics, programs

Jaclyn McGuire, MPH, Project Manager

Clinical Studies

Lindsey Brunt, Clinical Research Specialist, Clinical Trials Office

Stephanie Myles, Clinical Research Specialist, Protocol Development

Amanda DeMoss, Clinical Research Specialist, Education/PRMC/QASMC

Program for the Elimination of Cancer Disparities (PECaD)

Saffiyah O. Muhammad, MPH, PECaD Public Health Research Assistant

Aimee James, PhD, MPH, Associate Professor of Public Health

Clinical Administration Staff

Trisha Lollo, MPH, Vice President of Cancer Services

Megan Monahan, Executive Assistant

Jane Ruhland, Manager of Quality, Oncology Services

Patient Care Coordination Center

Pam Dowling, RN, Supervisor

Debbie Ault, RN, Nurse Coordinator

Rosalind Roberts, Clinical Financial Specialist

Sharon Smugala, RN, Nurse Coordinator

Barnard Health and Cancer Information Center

Katherine Jones, Office Assistant