Administration & Staff

All the way from clinical research through cancer care, Siteman Cancer Center’s world-class programs are run by the most dedicated and caring administration and staff in the medical profession. Whether putting together grants, distributing public health information or coordinating patient care; our research, business and clinical administrators are what make Siteman tick.

Research & Business Administration Staff

Research Administration

Nick Fisher, MBA, Executive Director of Research & Business Administration
Phone: 314-747-5401
Email: nfisher@wustl.edu

Courtney Beers, MPH, Director of Research Operations
Phone: 314-747-2672
Email: beersc@wustl.edu

Kyle Neeley, Senior Research Administrator
Phone: 314-454-8270
Email: neeleyk@wustl.edu

Jaclyn McGuire, MPH, Research Administrator
Phone: 314-454-8439
Email: mcguirej@wustl.edu

Leah Goldsmith, Senior Grant Specialist
Phone: 314-454-8981
Email: leahg@wustl.edu

Carrie Wehking, Senior Grant Specialist
Phone: 314-454-3241
Email: wehkingc@wustl.edu

Michele Felton, Program Coordinator
Phone: 314-454-8566
Email: felton@wustl.edu

Clinical Studies

Stephanie Myles, Manager, Clinical Trials
Phone: 314-747-4223
Email: slmyles@wustl.edu

Program for the Elimination of Cancer Disparities (PECaD)

Aimee James, PhD, MPH, Associate Professor of Public Health
Phone: 314-454-8300
Email: aimeejames@wustl.edu

Clinical Administration Staff

Christina Longnecker, JD, MBA, BSN, RN, Vice President of Oncology Services
Phone: 314-747-4297
Email: Christina.Longnecker@bjc.org

Kaci Dannatt, Director of Operations, Oncology Services
Phone: 314-305-0028
Email: kaci.dannatt@bjc.org

Patient Care Coordination Center

Pam Dowling, RN, BSN, Manager
Phone: 314-454-7042
Email: Pamela.Dowling@bjc.org

Patient Support Services

Angela Knight, MSN, Manager
Phone: 314-273-1572
Email: Angela.Knight@bjc.org