Third-Party Events

Third-party events can be an excellent fundraising option for those wanting to support the Siteman Cancer Center. Numerous events throughout the year aid Siteman in its mission to serve the greater community by raising awareness about health and cancer prevention and by promoting the efforts of the cancer center itself. Many events yield significant financial contributions donated to Siteman, which directly support research and patient care.

Individuals, groups, schools, small businesses and corporations interested in sponsoring a fund-raising event to benefit the cancer center in whole or in part are encouraged to contact our development office for information. Opportunities include providing volunteer or sponsorship support for existing events and sponsoring new events.

For more information, click on the links below or contact Mueriel Carp, director of community relations and events, at 314-935-5511 (877-552-1506 toll free) or

Support an existing event

Many successful and exciting third-party events benefitting the Siteman Cancer Center already exist. They range from small fundraisers to large-scale annual events and everything in between. Sponsors for these events are always needed and welcome.

For more information about how to support a pre-existing event, contact Mueriel Carp at 314-935-5511 or

Please see our calendar of events to search for upcoming events to which you can contribute.

Create and sponsor a new event

Those seeking to contribute to the Siteman Cancer Center may wish to create and coordinate a new third-party event. New and existing events are entirely run by volunteers and subsequently hosted by the sponsoring party. Events and donations of all sizes are welcome and encouraged.

For more information about how to create a new event, contact Mueriel Carp at 314-935-5511 or

Please see our new event application form for more details about creating a third-party event.