Abdel Kareem Azab, PhD

Abdel Kareem Azab, PhD

Primary Academic Title

Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology, Division of Cancer Biology, Washington University School of Medicine

Research Interest

Understanding the mechanism involved in cell trafficking of cancer cells during proliferation and metastasis of hematologic malignancies to develop novel drugs and therapeutic strategies. Developing targeted nanoparticulate and soluble polymers as drug delivery systems in hematological malignancies to increase the efficacy of treatment and reduce side effects.


  • 2003: MSc, medicinal chemistry, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • 2007: PhD, pharmaceutical sciences, Hebrew University of Jerusalem


  • 2007 - 2012: Postdoctoral fellow, cancer biology, Harvard University, Boston

Selected Research Publications

3D tissue engineered plasma cultures support leukemic proliferation and induces drug resistance.
  • Alhallak K, de la Puente P, Jeske A, [...] Azab AK
  • Leuk Lymphoma 2021
Nanoparticle T cell engagers for the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia.
  • Alhallak K, Sun J, Muz B, [...] Azab AK
  • Oncotarget 2021
Nanoparticle T-cell engagers as a modular platform for cancer immunotherapy.
  • Alhallak K, Sun J, Wasden K, [...] Azab AK
  • Leukemia 2021
Targeting E-selectin to Tackle Cancer Using Uproleselan.
  • Muz B, Abdelghafer A, Markovic M, [...] Azab AK
  • Cancers (Basel) 2021