James Fitzpatrick, PhD

James Fitzpatrick, PhD

Primary Academic Title

Professor of Neuroscience, Washington University School of Medicine

Research Interest

Integration and application of multi-scale optical and charged particle imaging technologies - specifically, biological applications of ion microscopy, development of correlative light and electron microscopy approaches, and new computational tools to visualize and manipulate large-scale, multi-dimensional datasets


  • 2003: PhD, chemical physics, laser chemistry and dynamics group, University of Bristol, England, United Kingdom


  • 2003 - 2004: Postdoctoral research fellow, chemistry, University of Pittsburgh
  • 2004 - 2006: Postdoctoral research fellow, chemistry and biomedical engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh

Selected Research Publications

Yeast Rad52 is a homodecamer and possesses BRCA2-like bipartite Rad51 binding modes.
  • Deveryshetty J, Chadda R, Mattice JR, [...] Fitzpatrick JAJ, [...] Antony E
  • Nat Commun 2023
Open-channel structure of a pentameric ligand-gated ion channel reveals a mechanism of leaflet-specific phospholipid modulation.
  • Petroff JT, Dietzen NM, Santiago-McRae E, [...] Fitzpatrick JAJ, [...] Cheng WWL
  • Nat Commun 2022
Structural basis for mechanotransduction in a potassium-dependent mechanosensitive ion channel.
  • Mount J, Maksaev G, Summers BT, Fitzpatrick JAJ , Yuan P
  • Nat Commun 2022
Cryo-EM structure of the prothrombin-prothrombinase complex.
  • Ruben EA, Summers B, Rau MJ, Fitzpatrick JAJ , Di Cera E
  • Blood 2022
Cryo-EM of CcsBA reveals the basis for cytochrome c biogenesis and heme transport.
  • Mendez DL, Lowder EP, Tillman DE, [...] Fitzpatrick JAJ, Kranz RG
  • Nat Chem Biol 2022
Liver-Specific Deletion of Mouse Tm6sf2 Promotes Steatosis, Fibrosis, and Hepatocellular Cancer.
  • Newberry EP, Hall Z, Xie Y, [...] Fitzpatrick JAJ, [...] Davidson NO
  • Hepatology 2021
Cryo-EM structures of human coagulation factors V and Va.
  • Ruben EA, Rau MJ, Fitzpatrick JAJ, Di Cera E
  • Blood 2021