Pronunciation: (KOH-lun)

The longest part of the large intestine, which is a tube-like organ connected to the small intestine at one end and the anus at the other. The colon removes water and some nutrients and electrolytes from partially digested food. The remaining material, solid waste called stool, moves through the colon to the rectum and leaves the body through the anus.

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Anatomy of the lower digestive system, showing the colon and other organs.The colon includes the ascending colon, cecum, transverse colon, descending colon, sigmoid colon, and rectum.Anatomía del aparato digestivo inferior, muestra el colon y otros órganos.El colon comprende el colon ascendente, el ciego, el colon transverso, el colon descendente, el colon sigmoide y el recto. Date last modified: 2012-11-27Colorectal CancerCáncer colorrectal