bone marrow aspiration

Pronunciation: (bone MAYR-oh AS-pih-RAY-shun)

A procedure in which a small sample of bone marrow is removed, usually from the hip bone, breastbone, or thigh bone. A small area of skin and the surface of the bone underneath are numbed with an anesthetic. Then, a special wide needle is pushed into the bone. A sample of liquid bone marrow is removed with a syringe attached to the needle. The bone marrow is sent to a laboratory to be looked at under a microscope. This procedure may be done at the same time as a bone marrow biopsy.

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Bone marrow aspiration and biopsy. After a small area of skin is numbed, a bone marrow needle is inserted into the patient’s hip bone. Samples of blood, bone, and bone marrow are removed for examination under a microscope.Aspiración de la médula ósea y biopsia. Después de adormecer un área pequeña de la piel, se inserta una aguja de Jamshidi (una aguja larga, hueca) en el hueso de la cadera del paciente. Se extraen muestras de sangre, hueso y médula ósea para examinarlas bajo un microscopio. Date last modified: 2010-03-30