transrectal biopsy

Pronunciation: (tranz-REK-tul BY-op-see)

A procedure in which a sample of tissue is removed from the prostate using a thin needle that is inserted through the rectum and into the prostate. Transrectal ultrasound (TRUS) is usually used to guide the needle. The sample is examined under a microscope to see if it contains cancer.

Source: NCI Dictionary of Cancer Terms

Transrectal biopsy. An ultrasound probe is inserted into the rectum to show where the tumor is. Then a needle is inserted through the rectum into the prostate to remove tissue from the prostate.Biopsia trasrectal. Se inserta una sonda de ecografía en el recto para mostrar dónde se encuentra el tumor. Después, se inserta una aguja por el recto hasta la próstata para extraer tejido de la próstata.2003-07-26 Date last modified: 2006-01-04