Pronunciation: (PAYR-uh-GANG-glee-OH-muh)

A rare, usually benign tumor that develops from cells of the paraganglia. Paraganglia are a collection of cells that came from embryonic nervous tissue, and are found near the adrenal glands and some blood vessels and nerves. Paragangliomas that develop in the adrenal gland are called pheochromocytomas. Those that develop outside of the adrenal glands near blood vessels or nerves are called glomus tumors or chemodectomas.

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Paraganglioma of the head and neck. A rare tumor that often forms near the carotid artery. It may also form along nerve pathways in the head and neck and in other parts of the body.Paraganglioma de la cabeza y el cuello. Tumor poco común que con frecuencia se forma cerca de la arteria carótida. También se puede formar sobre las vías nerviosas en la cabeza y el cuello y otras partes del cuerpo.2004-11-22 Date last modified: 2013-08-08