plasma cell tumor

Pronunciation: (PLAZ-muh sel TOO-mer)

A tumor that begins in plasma cells (white blood cells that produce antibodies). Multiple myeloma, monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS), and plasmacytoma are types of plasma cell tumors.

Definition from:

Blood cell development. A blood stem cell goes through several steps to become a red blood cell, platelet, or white blood cell. Evolución de una célula sanguínea. Una célula madre sanguínea pasa por varias etapas para convertirse en un glóbulo rojo, una plaqueta o un glóbulo blanco.2004-12-22 Date last modified: 2008-05-30Plasma Cell Neoplasms (Including Multiple Myeloma)Neoplasias de células plasmáticas (incluso mieloma múltiple)