X-linked recessive

Definition of X-linked recessive inheritance

X-linked recessive inheritance

(…. linkt reh-SEH-siv in-HAYR-ih-tunts)
One of the ways a genetic trait or condition caused by a mutated (changed) gene on the X chromosome can be passed down (inherited) from parent to child. In X-linked recessive inheritance, a daughter inherits a single mutated gene on the X chromosome from one of her parents. The X chromosome she inherits from the other parent will usually cancel the effect of the mutation, and she most likely will not have the genetic condition. If she inherits a mutated copy of the gene from both parents, she will be affected with the condition. Fathers cannot pass X-linked recessive conditions to their sons. When a son inherits a mutated gene on the X chromosome from his mother, the genetic condition is more likely to occur. X-linked recessive conditions most often occur in males.

Source: NCI Dictionary of Cancer Terms