Internal Advisory Board

Internal Advisory BoardThe IAB, chaired by Dr. Drake, is comprised of 10 internal academic and clinical representatives from across SCC, Barnes-Jewish Hospital (BJH), and WUSM whose work focuses on the cancer burden and disparities within our catchment as well as the aims of the COE component.

The IAB collaborates with the CAB and CSO team and is supported by Drake and COE staff. The IAB meets quarterly to ensure SCC’s internal systems and processes support and facilitate COE by: (1) facilitating communication and collaboration across SCC and identifying opportunities for outreach, research, or clinical services; (2) reviewing semi-annual updates on the cancer burden and risk factors in the catchment; (3) supporting promotion of SCC resources to communities within the catchment; (4) reviewing procedures for clinical trial participation and minority accrual; and (5) supporting community and academic members in support of health-related policies and provide educational updates to members of our local and state government. A summary of IAB meetings, including progress, accomplishments, and challenges, is presented for feedback at CAB meetings.