Community Partnerships

PECaD’s cancer community partnerships foster ongoing dialogue with community stakeholders, including individuals and community organizations in the region. The goal is to refine program strategies designed to reduce and ultimately eliminate cancer disparities. The partnerships create an avenue through which community cancer needs and priorities can then be reflected in the implementation of program activities.

Members of each partnership consist of cancer survivors and advocates, representatives from community health-care organizations, representatives of community-based organizations, and academic faculty members and staff. Together, partnership members regularly review progress and update/refine goals and projects as needed. We encourage faculty and staff within Washington University to attend partnership meetings to learn about community cancer priorities and interact with community members. This enhances the relevance and reach of research activities to community priorities and needs. Community members interested in learning more or joining a partnership can contact PECaD at 314-747-1189 or

Breast Cancer Community Partnership

The Breast Cancer Community Partnership strives to:

  • Develop strategies to eliminate disparities in breast cancer, from prevention through survivorship.
  • Support initiatives to improve access for uninsured and underinsured women seeking breast cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment services.
  • Continue to advocate for the elimination of breast cancer disparities through representation on state and local advisory boards and by raising awareness of breast cancer disparities in collaboration with institutional and community partners.
  • PECaD and Siteman representatives actively participate on several local boards and committees and with organizations that are dedicated to improving breast cancer care in St. Louis, including Show Me Healthy Women, the Missouri Cancer Consortium, the Missouri Cancer Registry, the St. Louis Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the Missouri Office of Minority Health.
  • Identify, establish, and maintain community partnerships with the intent to build on current levels of trust, understand the needs and perspective of the community, and facilitate collaborations that will positively affect regional disparities in breast cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment and survivorship.
  • Work with community stakeholders to develop quality-improvement and research projects that aim to understand breast cancer disparities and improve outcomes regionally and locally.

For more information about the partnership and specific projects, contact PECaD at Click here for more information on breast cancer.

Colorectal Cancer Community Partnership

The Colorectal Cancer Community Partnership strives to:

  • Develop strategies to reduce the burden of colorectal cancer among those with the highest rates of colorectal cancer in the St. Louis metropolitan area. These people are often screened less or not at all, which leads to worse outcomes once diagnosed.
  • Work with local providers, community members and cancer survivors to raise awareness and decrease the burden of colorectal cancer, from prevention through survivorship.
  • Identify resources for colorectal cancer and work with providers and community members to raise awareness of pathways to such resources.
  • The partnership has developed a colorectal cancer community resource guide to complement existing tools and further classify local resources for easy access among community partners and patients.
  • Increase awareness of research opportunities among partnership members and increase community involvement in research, including study participation and contribution to research design and sharing of results.
  • The partnership serves as a forum for researchers and clinicians to communicate with partnership members about their current studies and interests.
  • Leverage partnership activities by obtaining additional funding to help eliminate colorectal cancer disparities.

For more information about the partnership and specific projects, contact PECaD at Click here for more information on colorectal cancer.

Prostate Cancer Community Partnership

The Prostate Cancer Community Partnership strives to:

  • Reduce and ultimately eliminate disparities in prostate cancer outcomes, especially among African Americans who experience the heaviest burden from the disease.
  • Promote awareness and access to state-of-the-art prostate cancer care and educational information.
  • Increase awareness and understanding of prostate cancer, diagnosis and treatment. Over the years, prostate partnership members have participated in hundreds of community health fairs and provided educational material about prostate health.
  • In addition to education, the prostate partnership has secured funding to provide free prostate cancer education, screening and follow-up care for high-risk men.
  • Improve the participation rates of minorities in health research studies, including biorepositories.

For more information about the partnership and specific projects, contact PECaD at Click here for more information on prostate cancer.

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