Faith-Based Outreach

In 2011, PECaD formalized its outreach program to faith-based organizations designed to promote cancer health and wellness. This effort builds upon Faith Communities Joined for Health (FCJH), a consortium that began in 2008 with community partners and faculty at the George Warren Brown School of Social Work. The goal is to help churches and other faith-based organizations incorporate cancer prevention into health ministries. PECaD’s community health educator works collaboratively with the FCJH consortium and faith-based groups to provide technical assistance, monitor cancer prevention programs, plan church workshops and implement training.

With FCJH, PECaD has hosted workshops for churches that focus on cancer health and wellness. The workshops provide churches that have or are building health ministries with state-of-the-art cancer prevention information for their programs. They also link community partners to information about local cancer prevention resources and research.

The first workshop in November 2011 took place at the Regional Arts Commission in St. Louis. It included a grant writing session that provided attendees who had little or no grant experience with a better understanding of the grant writing process. Following this session, four churches or faith-based groups applied for PECaD partnership grants of $250 a year to support cancer prevention and control activities.

Another church workshop was held in April 2012. It focused on cancer basics, connection to National Cancer Institute messaging and materials, and awareness of community resources.