Proton Therapy at Siteman

Precision radiation therapy is available at The S. Lee King Therapy Center at Siteman. Click below to schedule a consultation. Our scheduling team will contact you to set your appointment with one of our medical oncologists and answer any questions you may have.

Where You Go Matters

Siteman is the only proton therapy center located within a 240-mile radius of St. Louis. Our center houses two proton units: the world’s first compact proton beam accelerator and a second unit equipped with pencil-beam scanning technology.

Siteman Advantage

It’s not just about having the technology. At Siteman, you have experts in the field administering your treatment.

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Benefits of Proton Therapy

Proton therapy as a radiation treatment focuses more energy on the tumor and less on surrounding healthy tissues.

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Proton Therapy for You

Proton therapy can be used as a solo treatment option or it can be integrated into your current care plan.

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Proton Perkins

Proton Therapy for Children

Our Mevion S250 system is particularly beneficial for children, where precise targeting is critical to avoid impacting growing bones or tissues. Siteman Kids is committed to providing proton beam therapy in a way that is sensitive to the needs of children and their families.

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Siteman Care Team

Your team of proton beam therapy experts will include: a radiation oncologist, medical dosimetrist, medical physicist, proton beam therapy nurse, radiation therapist, anesthesiologist and nurse anesthetists, and a support team experienced in caring for patients going through this specific treatment.

You’re Not Alone

Whatever your needs or concerns, Siteman is here to help you through it. Submit a schedule request below or give us a call to get started.