Siteman Flow Cytometry Core Cell Sorters

Beckman Coulter MoFlo (highly modified)

This cornerstone of the core allows for four detectors off a 200mw 488nm blue laser, up to three detectors off a 100mw 640nm red laser and up to three detectors off a 100mw 405nm violet laser. A krypton-ion laser is also available for configurations involving 350nm (UV), 530nm (green), 568nm (yellow) and 752nm (NIR). Adequate notice is required for optics changes on the krypton laser as well as up to an hour allotted for the changeover time. A Propel Labs Co-Lase tower allows simultaneous use of four lasers and eleven emission detectors. The MoFlo is best known for the lowest cell sorting shear factor and small sample accuracy, as it has a manual sample station for minimal sample dead volume.

Sony iCyt Synergy BSC:

The Sony SY3200 “Synergy” cell sorter is known for its very accurate high-speed sorting, pushing the Poisson limits for speed while maintaining excellent viability and purity results. In addition, unique reflective collection optics with over 375um laser intercept spacing and the newest “sputtered” hard coating emission filter technology have combined to attain new benchmarks for sensitivity and laser isolation. This instrument has two HAPS (highly automated parallel sorters), which can perform two different experiments simultaneously. Each HAPS module has 17 colors and five laser wavelengths: 355nm (UV), 405nm (violet), 488nm (blue), 561nm (yellow) and 640nm (red). The sorter modules are housed in a Class 2 biological safety cabinet, which has a unique passive aerosol evacuation feature that is as robust as the Baker hood itself. Also, each HAPS module is capable of four-way sorting and plate deposition.

B-D Aria Ilu SORP:

The Aria SORP has choices of 70um, 85um, 100um, and 130um nozzles, and is equipped with an ACDU plate robot.  Laser wavelengths are 355nm, 405nm, 488nm, 561nm, and 640nm, and the sorter has 18 fluorescent detectors.