2014 Cancer Biology Pathway

Time: 12:00p-1:30 p.m.
Location: Holden Auditorium, Farrell Learning and Teaching Center

** Concurrent session with the Translational Oncology Group Work-in-progress Meeting; Location: Holden Auditorium

Jan. 21 
Lee Ratner, MD, PhD

Jan. 28
Ramaswamy Govindan
Recent advances in lung cancer

Feb. 4
Andrey Shaw, MD

Feb. 11 
Lukas Wartman, MD
Personalized medicine

Feb. 18
Rizwan Romee, MD
NK therapy

Feb. 25
Charles Rudin, MD, PhD
Lung treatments

March 4 
Obi Griffith, PhD
Druggable genome

March 11 
Barry Sleckman, MD, PhD
DNA Repair

March 18 
Ron Bose, MD, PhD

March 25
Frederick Appelbaum, MD

April 1
Kian-Huat Lim, MD, PhD
Oncogenic Ras Signaling in Human Cancer

April 8 
Geoffrey Uy, MD
Bispecific antibodies

April 15 
Erika Pearce, PhD
T cell metabolism in cancer

April 22
Yibin Kang, PhD from Princeton University
How Cancer Cells Acquire Metastatic Traits