2015 Cancer Biology Pathway

Time: 12:00p-1:30 p.m.
Location: Holden Auditorium, Farrell Learning and Teaching Center

Jan. 13
Cancer Biology Pathway Luncheon
Introduction to the Pathway, Student Presentations and Poster Session

Jan. 20
Joshua Rubin, MD
Sexual dimorphism in cancer pathogenesis

Jan. 27
Kimberly Johnson, PhD
Harnessing epidemiology to study cancer:  focus on NF1

Feb. 3
Luis Batista, PhD
Telomere dysfunction in cancer; IPSCs as a model system

Feb. 10
David DeNardo, PhD *
Tumor stem-like cells and immune responses

Feb. 17
Deb Novack, MD, PhD
Molecular basis of cancer metastasis

Feb. 24
Jason Weber, PhD *
Tumor suppressors and the cell cycle

March 3
Grant Challen, PhD
Role of epigenetics in cancer pathogenesis

March 10
Spring Break

March 17
Sergej Djuranovic, PhD
Non-synonymous ≠ innocent: somatic mutations & translation in cancer cells

March 24
Jeff Bednarski, MD, PhD
Breaking bad: DNA repair and oncogenesis

March 31
Jeff Magee, MD, PhD
Stem cells and leukemogenesis

April 7
Todd Druley, MD, PhD
How rare germline DNA variants conspire to trigger childhood cancer

April 14
Katherine Fuh, MD, PhD
Modeling ovarian carcinoma

April 21
Brian Van Tine, MD, PhD
Novel approaches to sarcoma therapy

April 28
Student Selected Speaker

May 5
Student Selected Speaker

* Joint session with TOG