Clinical Research Coordinator Internship

Siteman Cancer Center and the Washington University School of Medicine Center for Clinical Studies invites individuals to participate in a Clinical Research Internship program.  The Clinical Research Internship program is designed to provide participants with advanced, hands-on experience and training in all aspects of clinical research work at Siteman Cancer Center and Washington University School of Medicine.

Program Focus

Diversity strengthens our sense of community, and is vital to knowledge creation, problem solving and productivity — all of which are essential to the mission of Siteman Cancer Center and Washington University.  With this in mind, individuals with experience overcoming substantial educational, cultural or economic obstacles, are first-generation college students, and/or who can demonstrate a strong interest in bringing diverse people together are encouraged to apply for this position and will be highly regarded in the selection process for this internship.

During this 9 month paid internship program, trainees will:

  • Be a full time employee of Washington University
  • Receive a salary commensurate to entry-level Washington University research staff
  • Receive full Washington University employee benefits
  • Receive hands-on training and experience in the following clinical research duties:
    • Managing research studies
    • Working in clinic with doctors and nurses
    • Assessing patient eligibility for research studies
    • Recruiting study participants
    • Obtaining informed consent from potential participants and patients
    • Scheduling clinical assessments
    • Collecting, evaluating, and reporting research data
    • Reporting adverse events
    • Submitting applications and reports to regulatory committees

At the end of this internship, successful trainees will:

  • Be eligible for long-term employment within Siteman Cancer Center and Washington University as a Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Receive formal letters of recommendation and direct support from Siteman Cancer Center and Washington University administration to support job placement and full time employment


This internship is planned to run annually from July 1 through March 31.

Successful trainees are then eligible for long-term employment at Siteman Cancer Center and Washington University.


  • Bachelor’s degree or a combination of relevant work and education equaling 4 years.
  • Prior work experience, preferably in clinical research support, is highly preferred but not required.

How to Apply

Applications are open for candidates interested in a start date of July 1, 2022. Applicants can formally apply for this internship on the Washington University career opportunities website at – Search for “JR65199 Clinical Research Coordinator Trainee (Time-limited) – Siteman Cancer Center


Email [email protected]