Virtual Support Services

Exercise Classes

Move by BJC Virtual Exercise Classes

We have partnered with Move by BJC to bring exercise classes to you in a virtual format. Classes include slower or seated options like gentle yoga, Tai-Chi, meditation, and more active classes like belly dancing and Zumba. Join instructors as they help you build muscle strength; enhance flexibility and balance; and improve circulation and alignment, all while increasing energy.

To view the whole playlist of classes offered, click the icon in the top right-hand corner of the video below.

Musical Relaxation

Mary Sutherland’s Classical Renditions

Mary Sutherland is a volunteer musician who plays for patients and caregivers at our Siteman facilities. Listening to music, especially classical music, plays a role in reducing stress and promoting other health benefits. To bring her music to all of our patients any time they could benefit from listening to it, she created these recordings at home. Enjoy the full playlist of classical movements.

Listen to the playlist below.

Horticultural Therapy

Missouri Botanical Garden Journey to Well-Being Tours

We have partnered with Missouri Botanical Garden to bring the Journey to Well-Being walking tours to you in a virtual format. The Journey to Well-Being is an intentional walking program, encouraging participants to slow their pace while paying particular attention to natural elements. This virtual version is designed to allow the same type of experience for people from afar. Our hope is for you to benefit from taking this time to slow your pace for a few minutes and connect with the serenity of the Japanese Garden.

View the full playlist below.