Brain Tumor Research Program

At the Brain Tumor Center at Siteman Cancer Center, Washington University Physicians are conducting pioneering research that is transforming the future of brain tumor treatment.

National Leaders in Neuro-oncology

With four signature research programs, the Brain Tumor Center at Siteman is at the forefront of innovation in neuro-oncology. Our researchers have developed therapies and technologies that are either currently under preclinical investigation or are being tested in unique, early-phase, investigator-initiated clinical trials.

Nanoparticle Convergence Science

Convergence Science

Convergence science combines the expertise of engineers, chemists, computer scientists, biologists, immunologists and medical doctors. Our team works together to transform the way we think of brain tumor therapy.

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Immunotherapy 2


Immunotherapy uses vaccines, drugs and modified cells to activate the immune system to destroy tumors. Our experts are developing novel therapies that harness the immune system to specifically target brain tumors.

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Dna Slider Epigenetics


Our investigators hypothesize that epigenetic changes in the tumor and tumor environment cause treatment resistance and cancer recurrence. Re-defining glioblastoma tumors through this lens offers the exciting prospect of discovering new cancer cell vulnerabilities.

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Tumor Biology 2

Tumor Biology

Certain genetic alterations in the brain signal pathways that control growth, death and motility. Our team is developing novel targeted therapeutics by studying how these genetic changes drive brain tumor phenotypes.

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Our Research Director

Alexander H. Stegh, PhD, is a leading brain cancer scientist. As the inaugural research director, Dr. Stegh has expanded the basic, translational and clinical research programs within the Brain Tumor Center while partnering with clinical and basic science departments at the School of Medicine.

Clinical Trials

Our investigators are examining new approaches to brain tumor treatment, including immunotherapies and targeted therapies.

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Our Facility

The Jeffery T. Fort Neuroscience Building provides a home for innovation.

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Our Researchers

Washington University investigators are national leaders in the study of brain tumor prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

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The Brain Tumor Center

From the laboratory to the clinic to the hospital room, the multi-disciplinary team at the Brain Tumor Center works together to bring patients personalized, effective medicine.

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