Brain Tumor Center


Siteman’s Brain Tumor Center treats patients with compassion, respect, and the best science has to offer.

The brain is responsible for so much of what makes us who we are: our memories, our personalities, our thoughts and feelings. It can be terribly frightening to learn that you have a tumor in such a vital place.

At Siteman Cancer Center, our exceptional Washington University Physicians, oncologists, surgeons and scientists combine world-class care with a commitment to making brain tumor treatments even better.

From the laboratory to the clinic to the hospital room, our multi-disciplinary team works together to bring patients personalized, effective medicine.

Many patients with brain tumors are able to lead full and productive lives. At Siteman, we will do our utmost to help you meet your treatment goals.

Surgery for brain tumors

When surgery is required, advanced brain mapping allows precise tumor removal without damaging nearby structures for the best outcome.

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Radiation therapy for brain tumors

Siteman is a leader in using shorter radiation durations than the national average with the same outcomes.

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Medical therapy for brain tumors

Patients with brain and spinal tumors can benefit from chemotherapy.

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The Siteman Approach

Our brain tumor and spinal tumor treatment team provides state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment strategies for patients with newly diagnosed or recurrent tumors.

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Symptoms and risk

Learn what the most common symptoms of brain tumors are. There are few known risk factors for brain and spinal tumors.

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Brain Tumor Imaging

Diagnosis and grading

The determination of benign versus malignant is important. Tumors in the brain may be primary or metastatic.

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