The committees at Siteman Cancer Center, Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Washington University School of Medicine are an integral part of both our success and the success of our patients. Internal and external committees provide oversight on fiscal and legal matters as well as help us develop our expertise in the stages of the cancer journey by evaluating and providing recommendations for improvement in the areas of patient safety and care, cancer research, drug administration, clinical trials, support programs and much more.

Internal Committees

Barnard Cancer Institute

The Barnard Cancer Institute at Siteman Cancer Center’s main campus in St. Louis is a walk in cancer information center that serves patients, their families, medical professionals and others who need information on cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis, treatment and coping as well as community resources.

In addition to educational literature, at the Barnard Cancer Institute people can also access a computer, educational programs, support group referrals, volunteer opportunities and assistance for low income or underinsured patients.


  • John MacCarthy, President
  • George Andersson, Vice President and Treasurer
  • Thomas Blackwell, Secretary
  • Graham Colditz, MD, DrPH
  • John DiPersio, MD, PhD
  • Timothy Eberlein, MD
  • Frederick Hermann Jr.
  • Edwin Meissner Jr.
  • William Peck, MD
  • Larry Shapiro, MD

Quality Assurance and Safety Monitoring Committee

Siteman Cancer Center places the highest priority on ensuring the safety of patients who participate in any of our250 clinical trials. The Quality Assurance and Safety Monitoring Committee (QASMC) provides independent oversight and review of quality assurance audits, serious adverse events reporting and interim safety and monitoring reports.


  • Nancy Bartlett


  • Maria Baggstrom
  • Hiram Gay
  • Siobhan Sutcliffe
  • Jian Campian
  • Katherine Glover-Collins
  • Marissa Olson
  • Katie Lentz

External Committees

External Advisory Committee

The External Advisory Committee is made up of directors and research leaders from other NCI designated cancer centers across the nation. To ensure transparency, the group’s primary responsibility is to evaluate the research arm of Siteman Cancer Center and provide feedback to ensure ongoing development and progress.


  • Jim Allison, PhD
    MD Anderson

  • Mark Clanton, MD, MPH
    TMF Health Quality Institute

  • Walter Curran, Jr, MD
    Whinship Cancer Institute, Emory University

  • Nancy Davidson, MD
    University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute

  • H. Shelton Earp III, MD
    University of North Carolina Cancer Care

  • Karen Emmons, PhD
    Kaiser Foundation Research Institute

  • Eric Fearon, MD, PhD
    University of Michigan Medical School
  • Judith Gasson, PhD
    Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center, University of California – Los Angeles

  • Robert Gillies, PhD
    Moffitt Cancer Center

  • Judy Johnson
    Community Member

  • Michael Kastan, MD, PhD (chair)
    Duke Cancer Institute

  • Jonathan Licht, MD
    University of Florida Health Cancer Center

  • David Mankoff, MD, PhD
    University of Pennsylvania

  • Derek Raghavan, MD, PhD
    Levine Cancer Institute

  • Barry Sleckman, PhD
    Weill Cornell Medicine
  • Marcy Waldinger
    Administrative Member

Barnes-Jewish Hospital Cancer Committee

Barnes-Jewish Hospital’s Cancer Committee is comprised of representatives from multiple specialties involved in the diagnosis, treatment and support of cancer patients at BJH. The committee has a number of objectives, which include developing and evaluating the hospital’s goals related to cancer care, promoting a coordinated multidisciplinary approach to patient management, advising in drug distribution and control, evaluating and making recommendations on adverse drug reactions and medication errors, overseeing cancer conferences and ensuring an active supportive care system for patients, families and staff.


  • Sara Butler
  • Jean Chase
  • Michael Chicoine
  • Maria Dans
  • Kaci Dannatt
  • Mackenzie Dazy
  • Farrokh Dehdashti
  • Teresa Deshields
  • Joyce Divanbeigi
  • Sharon Endicott
  • Nick Fisher
  • Christina Thurman
  • Alisha Gerling
  • Armin Ghobadi
  • Amy Glueck
  • Lydia Grimes
  • Lori Grove
  • Cylen Javiden-Nejad
  • Liz Kahlicak
  • Benjamin Kozower
  • Christina Longnecker
  • Julie Margenthaler
  • Jennie Mayfield
  • Wilfred Milton
  • Steve Morris
  • David Mutch
  • Matthew Mutch
  • Cynthia Newsome
  • Jay Piccirillo
  • Joel Picus
  • Martha Rahm
  • Lesley Rao
  • Anne Rihanek
  • Anna Roshal
  • Jane Ruhland
  • Marianna Ruzinova
  • Julie Schwartz
  • Debra Spoljaric
  • Steven Strasberg
  • Robert Swarm
  • Rita Toenjes
  • Victor Trogden
  • Greg Voekel
  • Barbara Westland
  • Patrick White
  • Anke Winter
  • Katie Wrenn
  • Catherine Young

Protocol Review and Monitoring Committee

The Protocol Review and Monitoring Committee (PRMC) ensures that cancer research studies that involve human patients conducted within the Washington University Medical Center are scientifically and statistically sound, appropriately designed, feasible for completion and compliant with the National Institutes of Health’s guidelines for clinical trials.


  • Joel Picus
  • Julie Margenthaler
  • Perry Grigsby
  • Brad Kahl


  • Caroline Bumb
  • Sara Butler
  • Milan Chheda
  • Andrew Cluster
  • Farrokh Dehdashti
  • Laura Flynn
  • Jennifer Frye
  • Karen Gauvain
  • Armin Ghobadi
  • Robert J. Hayashi
  • Lindsay Hladnik
  • Meagan Jacoby
  • Sally Jones
  • Alok Kothari
  • Michael Lin
  • Rosy Luo
  • Janelle Mann
  • Carolyn McCourt
  • Sarah Moehlmann
  • Daniel Morgensztern
  • Russell Pachynski
  • Haeseong Park
  • John D. Pfeifer
  • Matthew Powell
  • Iskra Pusic
  • Cliff Robinson
  • Mark Schroeder
  • Joshua Shimony
  • Rama Suresh
  • Benjamin Tan
  • Deborah Tesoro
  • Shana Thomas
  • Wade Thorstad
  • Nikolaos Trikalinos
  • Danielle Turlington
  • Tom Walsh
  • Andrea Wang-Gillam
  • Saiama Waqar
  • Yan Yan
  • Lorri DeWitt (Ad hoc)
  • Lynne Lippmann (Ad hoc)
  • Stephanie Myles (Ad hoc)
  • Byron Peters (Ad hoc)
  • Chrisann Winslow (Ad hoc)
  • Nancy L. Bartlett (Ex officio)
  • Jeff M. Michalski (Ex officio)
  • J. Philip Miller (Ex officio)
  • Stephen Ristvedt (Ex officio)
  • Barry Siegel (Ex officio)

BSS Membership


  • Bettina Drake


  • Bettina Drake
  • Allison King
  • Amy McQueen
  • Yikyung Park
  • Tanya Wildes