Plan to Enhance Diversity (PED)


To assure diversity in Siteman Cancer Center leadership, faculty, staff, trainees, and advisory boards


  1. Increase recruitment, retention and promotion of women, people underrepresented in medical research (URiM), and other individuals underrepresented in the cancer research workforce
  2. Build and sustain representation and participation of women, URiM, and other individuals nationally underrepresented in cancer center leadership, advisory boards, and other leadership opportunities in the cancer research community
  3. Establish and implement metrics for guiding, monitoring and evaluating Siteman Cancer Center progress in increasing diversity in the cancer research workforce, cancer center leadership, advisory boards, and the overall cancer workforce pipeline

PED Team

Sanders Thompson Vetta


Vetta Sanders-Thompson, PhD

Associate Director of Diversity Equity & Inclusion




Marissa Hardwrict, PhD

Diversity Equity & Inclusion Education Specialist


Smith Saya


Sayako Smith

Program Manager II – Diversity Equity & Inclusion

PED Initiatives

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