Center for Genome Integrity

Our genome is the blueprint for our bodies. A number of sophisticated mechanisms help protect the integrity of our genome from life-threatening cellular errors and environmental insults. The Center for Genome Integrity combines the efforts of different groups working in the closely related areas of DNA damage response, DNA replication and repair, telomere biology, and gene regulation to achieve a better understanding of these mechanisms, their role during the etiology of disease and cancer, and whether they can be targeted for therapeutic purposes.

The mission of the Center for Genome Integrity is to foster interactions between clinical and basic science investigators interested in genome integrity and DNA repair, and promote the development of multi-investigator grants, shared resources, and translation of basic science into the clinic. The inclusion of clinical investigators will facilitate translation of basic science advances in cancer, aging, bone marrow failure, autoimmune disease, and host response to pathogens. Building upon the existing excellence at Washington University in St. Louis, our vision is to become a recognized world-class center for genome integrity research in the near future.