DMR Faculty Meeting Schedule


One faculty member presents each month.  Although we will use PowerPoint presentations, it should not be like a seminar.  Rather, it would be best if the presentation was on a single subject in the lab and was about 30-45 minutes long leaving considerable time for questions and discussion.


Edwin Antony (SLU) [email protected]

Luis Batista (WU) [email protected]

Jeff Bednarski (WU) [email protected]

Andrea Bredemeyer (WU) [email protected]

Peter Burgers (WU) [email protected]

Doug Chalker (WU)  [email protected]

Sergej Djuranovic (WU)  [email protected]

Roberto Galletto (WU)  [email protected]

Susana Gonzalo (SLU) [email protected]

Abby Green (WU) [email protected]

Dineo Khabele (WU) [email protected]

Sergey Korolev (SLU) [email protected]

Timothy Lohman (WU) [email protected]

Kiran Mahajan (WU) [email protected]

Nima Mosammaparast (WU)  [email protected]

Maggie Mullen (WU) [email protected]

Sofia Origanti (SLU) [email protected]

Jacqueline Payton (WU) [email protected]

Jieya Shao (WU)  [email protected]

Daniel Thorek (WU) [email protected]

Priyanka Verma (WU) [email protected]

Alessandro Vindigni (SLU) [email protected]

Zhongsheng You (WU) [email protected]

Hani Zaher (WU)  [email protected]

Fall/Winter 2023 Meeting Info

Date (Wednesdays): Speaker:
September 27 Susana Gonzalo
October 11 Mary Mullen
October 25 Eric Greer
November 8 Socia Origanti
November 29 TBD
December 13 TBD

Location: Clinical Sciences Research Building (CSRB)-NTA 7th floor, Room 701
Time: 12pm