Lymphoma - The Siteman Approach

Washington University Physicians at the Siteman Cancer Center treat an average of 325 new lymphoma patients a year, and are internationally recognized for their expertise.

Our oncologists are actively involved in clinical trials that investigate new chemotherapy regimens, and other approaches to cure. Having your cancer treated at Siteman gives you access to new therapies that are as good as – or potentially better than – current standard therapies available elsewhere.


The Siteman Approach

Patients who come to the Siteman Cancer Center for treatment of lymphoma are seen by the appropriate member of a team of Washington University Physicians – medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and bone marrow transplant specialists.

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Cancer Types

Symptoms, risk and diagnosis

Specialists at Siteman excel in using the technology and experience to make an accurate diagnosis, often down to the genetic level so the best treatment options may be identified.

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Lymphoma treatment

Different types of lymphoma respond to different treatments, so depending on your type, treatments will vary.

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