Lymphoma Patient Stories

Leisa Zigman

Former TV anchor shares her journey of overcoming lymphoma

Leisa Zigman stayed on the air throughout treatment without any noticeable physical changes, missing only a few days of work.

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Cindy Osborne

Newly approved CAR T-cell therapy puts patient’s lymphoma in remission

Cindy Osborne was the first patient at Siteman to be given CAR T-cell therapy as a licensed treatment, not as a clinical trial.

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Kalesha Lewis Web

Stem cell transplant puts patient’s lymphoma in remission

Today, Kalesha Lewis is back in remission. She still has regular PET scans to monitor her condition, but she’s optimistic about what the future holds.

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Ed Morris

Patient out of options responds dramatically to CAR T-cell therapy

The FDA had just approved a ground-breaking treatment called CAR T-cell therapy when Ed Morris received it, and Siteman was one of only 16 facilities in world licensed to perform it.

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