Educational Programs

Continuing Medical Education

At the Siteman Cancer Center, we believe promoting a culture of life-long learning among health care providers is essential to providing the best possible care for cancer patients.

Our continuing medical education (CME) program combines the powerful expertise of specialists from Siteman, Washington University School of Medicine and Barnes-Jewish Hospital to offer exceptional learning opportunities for physicians.

The result is improved knowledge and performance, which leads to improved outcomes for patients and their families.

The cancer treatment field never stops moving forward, and neither should cancer professionals.

For more information or for a schedule of upcoming CME courses, please contact our physician services office.

Tumor Boards

Cancer can be likened to a puzzle that requires a team of knowledgeable and compassionate professionals to solve. Siteman Cancer Center believes in empowering cancer physicians to arrive at the best possible plan of care for cancer patients. We also believe the best way to achieve this is to facilitate relationships and open up dialogue between these professionals.

That is why we take great pride in organizing multidisciplinary tumor board reviews for physicians inside and outside of our hospital network. Our surgical, radiation and medical oncology specialists dive deep into each patient case and express their opinions to determine viable treatment options.

Physicians and their patients in turn can feel confident knowing their plan of care is backed by Siteman cancer treatment leaders.

For more information about Siteman tumor board reviews, please contact our physician services office.

Grand Rounds

Grand rounds are an invaluable tool in the continuing medical education continuum.

The Siteman Cancer Center grand rounds program is unique in that physicians have the opportunity to learn from a truly diverse field of topics and presenters.

At the same time, the focus of our grand rounds is highly targeted: strengthening physician knowledge, improving performance and optimizing patient outcomes.

For more information about Siteman grand rounds or for a grand rounds schedule, please contact our physician services office.

Webinar: Overview of New Oncology Therapies and Regimens

Nursing Education

Siteman Cancer Center’s nursing education program is among the finest in the country. We are nationally-recognized, our program is led by certified professionals and our course topics are numerous and diverse.

For more information about nursing education, please contact our physician outreach office.

Staff Education

Siteman Cancer Center is passionate about training world-class medical professionals to further our mission of reducing the burden of cancer on patients and their families.

Our staff education program is nationally recognized, is led by certified professionals and features a diverse spectrum of topics.

For more information about staff education, please contact our physician outreach office.

Fellowship Opportunity

For those seeking fellowship training in medical psychology, particularly in the area of cancer, we offer a postdoctoral fellowship in psycho-oncology.

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