Uterus/Endometrial Cancer

The gynecologic oncology program at Siteman Cancer Center is the largest in the Midwest. Our specialists meet weekly to discuss patient care, providing a collective expertise not always available at other cancer centers. They see on average almost 300 cases of uterine cancer a year.

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The Siteman Approach

Beyond the nationally renowned gynecologic cancer physicians, your team includes radiation oncologists, pathologists, nurses, a psychologist, a social worker and genetic counselors.

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Cancer Types

Symptoms, risk and diagnosis

Because the cancer starts inside the uterus, there may be no symptoms initially. When symptoms do arise, they may be indicative of uterine cancer or other conditions, such as endometriosis.

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Treatments for uterine cancer

There are different types of treatment for patients with uterine cancer, depending on the type of cancer (endometrial or sarcoma), stage of the cancer, whether you are a candidate for surgery, and your childbearing status.

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