Core Leadership Council


A Vindigni

Alessandro Vindigni, PhD

Our laboratory focuses on DNA replication and repair, and the roles of these pathways on cancer initiation, progression and response to chemotherapy and immunotherapy. We utilize a unique combination of biochemical, cellular, and electron microscopy approaches to study replication perturbations at single molecule resolutions.

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Core Leadership Council:

L Batista

Luis Batista, PhD

In the Batista lab we utilize the targeted differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells to understand the etiology of disease and cancer after accumulation of DNA damage and exacerbated telomere shortening.

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A Green

Abby Green, MD

Our lab uses molecular and cell biology, biochemistry, genome sequencing, proteomics, and animal models to evaluate mechanisms of mutagenesis and the subsequent impact on oncogenesis and tumor evolution.

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N Mosammaparast

Nima Mosammaparast, MD, PhD

The focus of genomic integrity has naturally been on how DNA is replicated and repaired. While most of the machinery that performs these functions are well-understood, how the cell “knows” which repair pathway to activate when it encounters a specific form of DNA damage is quite unexplored.

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Verma-Priyanka-Headshot1024 1

Priyanka Verma, PhD

Work in the Verma lab focuses on understanding the cause and consequences of DNA damage in cancer cells.

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Profile Image of John Krais, PhD

John Krais, PhD

In the Krais lab’s recent work, we are studying how genetic or pharmacologic inactivation of DNA damage repair pathways can trigger a dependence on alternative repair mechanisms.

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