Community Advisory Board

CabThe CAB was established over 15 years ago to guide SCC’s community outreach and is led by community and academic co-chairs, Maranda Richardson and Graham Colditz. CAB membership has been expanded to align with changing community needs. To maintain appropriate balance between community and academic perspectives, no more than four academic members attend any one CAB meeting. In addition to Drake and Colditz, CAB currently includes 12 community members with expertise varying from community outreach, media, and faith-based leadership to rural disparities, cancer survivorship, and primary care.

COE also supports three cancer-specific (breast, prostate, and colon) community partnerships. Each cancer-specific community partnership is co-led by one academic and one community member or survivor, and at least one representative from each group is a CAB member. An additional 25 community member’s partner with COE through these partnerships. In the past 15 years, this group has provided expertise on outreach, research, and training to promote health equity for minority, rural, and medically underserved populations in SCC’s catchment.