Tumor Biology

Brain tumor genomics identifies genetic changes in the signaling pathways that control cell growth, death and motility. Our team is working to enable the development of novel targeted therapeutics by studying how these genetic changes drive brain tumor phenotypes.

Tumor Biology 1

Glioma stem cells

Our research aims to understand glioma stem cell development and how they develop into tumors. We are also working to identify core pathways in the brain that are amenable to pharmacologic targeting.

Brain Image Final

Brain tumor metabolism

We are identifying key metabolic adaptations in brain tumors and develop novel therapeutics that selectively target these vulnerabilities.


Sexual dimorphism

Males and females show different rates of brain tumor incidence and responses to therapy. Our research is unravelling sex-specific molecular mechanisms that underlie brain tumor growth and responses to therapy.

Chedda Lab 2

Cancer neuroscience

Our current projects are focused on the ways in which neuronal activity controls brain tumor growth and impacts the tumor microenvironment.

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