A single word will never express all we feel about our Siteman caregivers, but it’s a start…We are so grateful.

We’re here for you – as you’ve always been for us.

For 20 years, an extraordinary team of Washington University doctors, nurses and caregivers has been there for Siteman’s more than 1 million patients. Now, more than ever, we’re here for them.

For the world-class care they’ve delivered for our families, friends and communities, for the dedication and commitment to those within their care, for the hope they inspire for better days ahead, we say simply, yet meaningfully, and with much appreciation: thank you.

We cannot thank those of you who are our incredible first responders, our caregivers, and the support staff, enough for your courageous performance during this incredibly difficult time in America. You are the ones on the front line and the ones who we all rely on in our greatest hour of need. You are God’s angels, doing God’s work, and may God bless you for your dedication.

Paul and Elke Koch
Amber Simpson
Ron Miller

A huge “THANK YOU” to each and every one of you! The grit and stamina that you maintain every day to keep this country going is immeasurable. We are forever grateful for your dedication, courage, and strength. Your families and our nation are immensely proud of you!

Lynne Westhoff
Rob Butcher

I am so very appreciative of Dr. Abboud & his team. They provide true cutting edge treatment and personal, thoughtful interaction to their patients. Each member guides patients with compassion & professionalism. I am so thankful.

Clint Moebes
Jim and Merry Mosbacher
Peggy and Ed Morris

Thank you to the folks at Siteman that do so much for your patients. I am grateful that Siteman has and is doing so much to keep some very special people in my life as well as so many others that I know and have known that chose Siteman for their treatment. They are why I support Siteman and do my best to help.

Neil Dougan
Maggie Johnson

Thank you so much to everyone at the Siteman Center for the care you are providing our community during these difficult times. When I was being treated, the Siteman Center did so much for me —setting up and scheduling my appointments, answering endless questions, staying in touch with my primary care physician —that really all I had to do was work to get well. Having all of the details taken care of was such a relief and I appreciate it. From my physicians and other caregivers to the orderlies who took me to X-ray to the people who work in the cafeteria, every single Siteman person was helpful and kind. The St. Louis community is fortunate to be able to count on you during this stressful time of pandemic. Thank you for everything you do.

Patricia West
Diane Harrison
The Pope Family
Elizabeth Mannen

To the medical and support staff at BJC:

During this crisis, the associates of BJC have displayed remarkable dedication to the care and wellbeing of their patients. It has been amazing to witness their willingness to risk their own health to save others. We feel blessed to live in a community that has BJC -world class people, facilities, research and leadership. 

Stephany and Richard Kniep
Kerry Preete


We can never repay the doctors and all the staff at Siteman for their excellent, beneficent care.

Jim and Linda McNay
Diane Gottheil

I want to thank the whole staff for the wonderful care my mother received during her recent breast cancer surgery. She was very apprehensive to receive a diagnosis of cancer during this difficult time. However, Dr. Margenthaler and her staff were so professional and caring, that she was immediately at ease. She was impressed with the administrative efficiency and effectiveness. They called when they said they were going to call! She is resting comfortably from her surgery and is confident that she is getting the best care possible. Thank you for your help.

Rita Diekemper
Bob and Ann Avis

Thank you, Siteman faculty and staff. Thank you for your dedication, commitment, and care during this difficult COVID-19 period. We realize this has not been without risk for you and your families. Doctors, Nurses, and Staff: you are the reason Siteman has become recognized nationally as the premier cancer health care provider. We are most thankful you are within our community.

Sherrill Jackson

Thank you Siteman Staff! When I need directions, need to schedule an appointment, need to see my physicians, or need a cup of coffee, you are always helpful and support me with a smile. My terrific health is due to your terrific healthcare!! My family and I are grateful to you!

Sheila Hansen

Just want to thank the staff at Siteman in St. Peters. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in November and Dr. Rigden and her staff have been amazing. All the nurses and staff in the treatment rooms and at the checkout desk have all been so helpful. I feel safe there with all the steps they have been taking with Covid-19 and that means so much.

You all are heroes and my family cannot thank you enough for all you do.

Take care of yourselves and your families as well.

DeDe French

This is an open letter to all of the staff at the Siteman Cancer Center. I am so appreciative of everyone at the Center coming together to serve the community and the world in fighting this pandemic. Be it the patients you serve or the researchers trying to find a cure, I know everyone is giving it their all, as they always do

Everyone keep safe and healthy.

Anita Artstein-Dunsay
The Gilliland Family

Thank you to all the wonderful physicians, nurses, support staff, and medical professionals saving lives every day at Siteman. Especially during this pandemic, you put your lives on the line each time you go to work to help others. Please know you make a difference in St. Louis and around the world. May God bless and protect you and your families as you continue saving lives and fighting cancer. Thank you.

Amy K
Kathy and Walter Denton
Don Shaffner

As a grateful patient, I am familiar with the exceptional expertise of Dr. DiPersio and his entire staff of physicians, nurses, and Siteman associates. You have provided remarkable and effective patient care and all the ancillary functions needed during this very challenging COVID-19 pandemic. I’m glad to have this opportunity to thank Dr. DiPersio and each of you.

Dr. Jim Wittmer
Julia Johnson and Family
Bill and Christy Blackshear
Victoria Siegel

To all who are in the business of helping others:

Selfless sacrifice is one of the core values of the US Army. As health professionals, we have always taken care of our patients first. And that is the definition of selfless sacrifice. We don't often get the positive interactions we crave. But, it not just during hard times that we put others ahead of our own needs. Medicine has come a long way in the past 30 years. Imagine being alive and a healthcare professional in 1920. Ignore the negative and focus on the good we do on a daily basis.
Thank you for all you do.

Bruce J. Bikson, DDS, Washington U. class of 1980

Thank you for your dedication, care, and selflessness, at all times but esp. during this pandemic!

Nancy Gulick

Thank you for being there for those going through the unimaginable during this world pandemic. I had to be in the Siteman building recently and EVERYONE had a positive attitude. Every doctor, nurse, and support staff in those building is truly a hero in my eyes. Thank you for being there for your patients!

Brad L.

Praying for God's protection of you every day; especially Dr. Patterson, Dr. Van Tine, their office staff and those in radiology. Thank you for all you do in your service to others.

Stan and Sally Rader

We are living in scary times, and yet you brave caregivers risk your lives daily to make sure that people like me live to see another day. You could shelter at home, as I do, but instead choose to go to work so that I have the possibility of seeing my infant grandson, who lives nearly a 1,000 miles from me, when the Covid-19 pandemic is under control. How can I begin to thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to be with my darling Will and his much loved parents again, putting my welfare before your own? Thank you and bless you! You display courage and model the giving spirit we should all aspire to in these frightening times.

Debra Grebing

Everyone of you are where you are for a reason. The care and compassion you share with us is invaluable. I’ve never met an unkind person during any visits with Barnes care givers. I certainly don’t enjoy this uncharted journey but I am fortunate that I can take it with all of you.
Prayers for each and every one of you.
Stay safe!

Claire Matheny

I can never say enough about the Siteman staff. No one wants cancer, but it has brought me to a place where the nurses and staff became my friends. These selfless people come in everyday to help us. Covid has added a new appreciation for these individuals, who show up every day. They put their lives on the line, putting not only themselves at risk, but also their loved ones at home. Thank you for making treatments bearable and in some ways enjoyable. By going to Siteman you add to your friends, they become more like family. Thank you for everything!!

Jill MacDonald

Gratitude is indeed the word that I live with. Gratitude, Joy, and for those who know the story, Flexibility.

At the very first meeting with the teams of Dr. Tan and Dr. Hawkins in May 2019, I was struck by and observed to them as well that I felt such a sense of collaboration (heads nodding strongly) and that we were all collaborating together. That reality guided me calmly (eventually) through the journey of chemo and Whipple.

I am a pancreatic cancer survivor.

Having experienced the extraordinary art, skills and spirit of my collaboratorsI now understand the significance of the data: The survival rate of pancreatic cancer last year was 26% compared to 6% nationally. That's me. And others out there in the 7th floor waiting room being cared for by the best of the best. For so much, I am Grateful and Joyful.

Mary Sutherland

In 2006 my husband, Robert Knopke was diagnosed with leukemia. He was brought to Siteman Cancer Center and Dr.John DiPersio was assigned Bob's case. He immediately put us at ease and started the process of treatment and finding a bone marrow match. Dr. DiPersio has a wonderful bedside manner and we felt very comfortable to be at Siteman. Everyone we interacted with was wonderful! Bob received an unrelated donor’s bone marrow which kept him going strong for 5 years. Unfortunately the leukemia returned and we returned to Siteman and Dr. DiPersio. Once again a donor was found and Bob was cured! Without SIteman Center my husband would have missed our son's college graduation, the wedding of our daughter and the birth of two wonderful grandchildren. We are so blessed and grateful to Siteman Center and Dr. DiPersio. We are so lucky to live in St. Louis where this cancer center is. We have always given what we can to Siteman Center. We will continue to give to Siteman in the future as well. This cancer center is a blessing to so many people and to St. Louis. Thanks to them I have my husband and our children have a father. Most important our grandchildren have a Papa they love! This is all thanks to Siteman Center.

Bob and Bobbie Knopke

Unquestionably the person at Siteman that has affected my life the most has been Dr. Brad Kahl. While there are and have been many talented staff members at Siteman that provide excellent skilled care, for me Dr. Kahl has been the ever steady captain of that remarkably caring ship. His warmth and reassuring knowledge of my form of cancer has been the backbone for me during this period of my life.
I know I speak for myself and the many others under his care when I say thank you for the brave, kind, knowledgeable, caring man he is! While his skill as an oncologist is why I came to him, it is his incredible dedication to his profession and highly valued friendship I appreciate the most!

Sandy Peters

We are forever grateful for the incredible doctors, nurses, technicians and staff at Siteman. In memory of our wonderful and beloved Sally, my high school sweetheart and wife of 50 years, we remember, honor, and support you as terrific individuals and a fantastic team. Led by doctors Campian, Huang, and Kim, you provided wonderful professional care that was also so very warm and personal. We appreciate your dedication, compassion, and the generosity with your time and counsel. Thank you for providing hope. We also shared more than a few laughs - Sally so loved to laugh. During this most difficult and dangerous time for health care workers, please know how much we support you, as a small measure of the care and support that you provided us during our most difficult journey.

Roger Jungclaus and family

I am deeply grateful to Doctors Hannah Ha, and Timothy Rearden for their exemplary and professional care they provided to me in 2014, as a Colon Cancer patient. The Nurses, CNA's and other members of the Christian Northeast Team; and the Siteman Cancer Infusion Center, at Christian Northeast during that time, were just wonderful! I cannot thank you enough for the personal, loving and extraordinary care that was given to me. You will ALWAYS hold a special place within my heart and the hearts of my family! With deep and sincere gratitude.

Maelyn D. Smith

Cancer. The word no parents ever want to hear. The word itself is scary, but each of you made everything so manageable. From bubbly Sequoya and her bright smile when she meets you in the halls of Siteman, to the sweet receptionist who brought us tissues and gave my daughter a hug as we prayed, to the caring phenomenal team of Dr. Bartlett and Susanna, our daughter's journey has blessed us with the best! Our kindhearted and thoughtful friends on the 12th floor of Parkway have made each 6-day stay much easier than what we ever expected. LaRhonda was there that first time to ease all of our initial fears with her calm presence, and all of our other friends there followed in her footsteps! Thank you one and all for your dedication and compassion!

Hattie Thomasson and family

Service before self
Courage over fear
Focus through chaos
Love without limits

You exemplify the best of human qualities during this unprecedented adversity! Thank you!

Sri Kundalgurki

Thank you to all of the BJC healthcare professionals who are serving our city during these uncertain and challenging times. It gives our family great comfort to know that St. Louis has one of the finest medical communities in the world. Please stay safe and we will stay in. We are beyond grateful...

Susan Sherman

There are not enough words to express my heartfelt gratitude to the wonderful people who treated me during my numerous battles with Stage 4 Bladder Cancer. From Dr. Joel Picus, Jane Sherman his nurse practitioner and Pat Dulle his oncology nurse, I have received the best care that is available anywhere. The compassion, understanding and determination they provided during my care were beyond my greatest expectations. And I can’t praise the nurses at Siteman South County enough for the love and friendship I received during my years of treatment. They are family, and I will never forget their smiling faces and constant attention to my comfort at my most difficult times during treatment. I am cancer free and owe my current condition to the amazing Dr. and nurses who work every day to save lives and keep families together. You will always be in my heart and in my thoughts. God bless you all.

Gregg Roby

I am grateful for the wonderful care, with courtesy and compassion, that I have received over the years for all of the doctors and staff through BJC. Your knowledge, experience, and skill never cease to amaze me.Thank you for keeping up the excellent work!!

Barbara Esker

I will be forever grateful to all the care givers who I have come in contact with over the years starting in early 2011 when I made my initial visit to the Siteman Cancer Center and through my treatment and all my follow-up visits for check-ups.The caring attitude of the doctors and the PA’s and nurses in the doctor’s office is appreciated.The nurses in the infusion rooms were always cheerful and caring.And all the people who did my MRI’s and CT scans were always friendly, caring and helpful.Thank you to everyone at Siteman Cancer Center. You are appreciated!

Frank Dry

I learned first-hand that the staff at Siteman are superheroes. And now I learn you stepped up again to ensure continued patient care and safety through this stressful and scary time with COVID-19. Why am I not surprised? Bless you all.

Carol Borowy

Thank you to the nurses and doctors at Siteman. Your care, dedication, and concern for our health during this time is ever-more appreciated. What we do without you? Much love and gratitude.

Kelly W. Sims