Kimberly Johnson, PhD, MPH

Kimberly Johnson, PhD, MPH

Primary Academic Title

Associate Professor of Public Health, George Warren Brown School of Social Work, Washington University

Research Interest

Elucidating genetic and environmental causes of childhood cancer, particularly brain tumors. Early life factors in childhood cancer: congenital abnormalities, maternal vitamin supplementation and advanced maternal age.


  • 2004: MPH, epidemiology, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
  • 2007: PhD, epidemiology/human genetics, University of Minnesota


  • 2007 - 2010: Postdoctoral fellow, pediatric cancer epidemiology, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

Selected Research Publications

Associations between Medicaid enrollment and diagnosis stage and survival among pediatric cancer patients.
  • Johnson KJ, Brown DS, O'Connell CP, [...] King AA
  • Pediatr Blood Cancer 2024
State Public Assistance Spending and Survival Among Adults With Cancer.
  • Barnes JM, Johnston KJ, Johnson KJ, Chino F , Osazuwa-Peters N
  • JAMA Netw Open 2023
Changes in cancer mortality after Medicaid expansion and the role of stage at diagnosis.
  • Barnes JM, Johnson KJ, Osazuwa-Peters N, Yabroff KR , Chino F
  • J Natl Cancer Inst 2023
The association of Medicaid expansion and pediatric cancer overall survival.
  • Barnes JM, Neff C, Han X, [...] Johnson KJ
  • J Natl Cancer Inst 2023
Human Papillomavirus Vaccination and Trends in Cervical Cancer Incidence and Mortality in the US.
  • Tabibi T, Barnes JM, Shah A, [...] Johnson KJ, Brown DS
  • JAMA Pediatr 2022
Early Medicaid Expansion and Cancer Mortality.
  • Barnes JM, Johnson KJ, Adjei Boakye E, [...] Osazuwa-Peters N
  • J Natl Cancer Inst 2021

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