Gwendalyn Randolph, PhD

Gwendalyn Randolph, PhD

Primary Academic Title

Emil R. Unanue Distinguished Professor of Medicine, Department of Pathology and Immunology; Director, Immunology Graduate Program, Washington University School of Medicine

Research Interest

Tissue macrophages; immune cell migration; lymphatic vessels and lymphoid tissue; immunology of the peritoneal cavity


  • 1995: PhD, cellular and molecular pathology, State University of New York at Stony Brook


  • 1995 - 1996: Postdoctoral fellow, cellular physiology and immunology, The Rockefeller University, New York
  • 1997 - 1998: Postdoctoral associate, pathology, Cornell University, New York

Selected Research Publications

Fibrosis induced by resident macrophages has divergent roles in pancreas inflammatory injury and PDAC.
  • Baer JM, Zuo C, Kang LI, [...] Randolph GJ, DeNardo DG
  • Nat Immunol 2023
The emerging importance of lymphatics in health and disease: an NIH workshop report.
  • Mehrara BJ, Radtke AJ, Randolph GJ, [...] Muratoglu SC
  • J Clin Invest 2023
An epithelial cell-derived metabolite tunes immunoglobulin A secretion by gut-resident plasma cells.
  • Ceglia S, Berthelette A, Howley K, [...] Randolph GJ, [...] Reboldi A
  • Nat Immunol 2023
Ulcerative colitis is characterized by a plasmablast-skewed humoral response associated with disease activity.
  • Uzzan M, Martin JC, Mesin L, [...] Randolph GJ, [...] Mehandru S
  • Nat Med 2022
LYVE1+ macrophages of murine peritoneal mesothelium promote omentum-independent ovarian tumor growth.
  • Zhang N, Kim SH, Gainullina A, [...] Randolph GJ, Kim KW
  • J Exp Med 2021
Tissue macrophages break dogma.
  • Randolph GJ
  • Nat Rev Immunol 2021
Neurotensin is an anti-thermogenic peptide produced by lymphatic endothelial cells.
  • Li J, Li E, Czepielewski RS, [...] Randolph GJ, [...] Rosen ED
  • Cell Metab 2021