MRI-guided biopsy for prostate

MRI-guided biopsy for prostate cancer, also called MRI fusion biopsy, offers men a better option for biopsy of prostate tumors. In some cases, the procedure may make a male lumpectomy possible.

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Who should get the UroNav MRI-Guided Biopsy? 

  • Men with elevated PSA but haven’t had a biopsy.
  • Men with history of high PSA but whose conventional biopsy hasn’t revealed cancer.
  • Men whose conventional biopsy has led to a diagnosis of a small prostate cancer.

What benefits a man can expect from this procedure?

  • A better biopsy. Conventional biopsies can mischaracterize and underestimate the size of a malignant prostate tumor.
  • This biopsy provides more precise information on the location of the of the tumor for removal, which may allow for a “male lumpectomy” (could be conventional surgery, focal ablation, laser, cryotherapy, or ultrasound).

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