Creating a PRMC Initial Review via OnCore

All research that is cancer-related must undergo PRMC review/approval and then be monitored at least annually for ongoing scientific progress. Cancer relevance was indicated on the myIRB application by endorsing myProject Question 4.1 and/or myProject Question 4.2 that either

  • the objectives of the study involve the diagnosis, prevention, screening, evaluation, treatment or support of cancer patients, and/or
  • more than 30% of the patients involved are likely to have an active cancer diagnosis.

Process of PRMC submission

Before the IRB will review a new protocol, study teams are required to submit a separate application to PRMC through the OnCore System.  If this is not already in progress, please refer to the guidance below regarding the process of PRMC submission.

  1. For those who do not have access to OnCore, please refer to the FAQs section of the OnCore Support Services website for step-by-step information on how to train for and gain access to OnCore: Please contact the OnCore Support Services office at (314) 747-0347 or email [email protected] to assist with setting up and answering questions about system access.
  2. Once OnCore access is established, create the PRMC submission in the OnCore system at and upload the required documents for review (refer to the document checklist on page 3 of the PRMC Initial Review Request Form or the initial submission grid within the PRMC Forms link, which indicates the documents to be uploaded based on the study type.
  3. For further detailed instructions for creating an Initial Review submission for PRMC review, please reference the OnCore Support Services User Manual at:

Another available option for the submission process is to use Siteman’s Protocol Development Office, which is offered to all research investigators at no cost.  To utilize this service, please contact Stephanie Myles, Mgr Clinical Trials, at [email protected]. For more details, refer to Protocol Development Services.