Our Radiation Oncology Team

Radiation oncologists

Radiation oncologists are the physicians who oversee cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy treatment and manage any complications of the cancer or treatment. They work with other members of the radiation therapy team to develop personalized treatment plans for each patient and ensure that each treatment is given accurately.

Our radiation oncologists are clinically specialized, focusing exclusively on two to three different types of cancer in order to best serve our patients. By focusing on just a few of the many types of cancer that exist, our physicians are able to develop unparalleled specialized expertise. All of our radiation oncologists are board certified by the American Board of Radiology.

Medical physicists

Medical physicists work with radiation oncologists and dosimetrists to develop personalized treatment plans for every patient. They prepare treatment machines by measuring radiation doses and closely monitor equipment to ensure that it’s functioning properly. All of our medical physicists are board certified by the American Board of Radiology or the American Board of Medical Physics.


Dosimetrists perform calculations to create treatment plans that maximize radiation dosage while sparing healthy tissue. They use computer software and mathematics to calculate the right dose and position based on the radiation oncologist’s prescription. All of our dosimetrists are certified by the Medical Dosimetry Certification Board.

Radiation therapists

Radiation therapists operate equipment to deliver daily treatment as prescribed by the radiation oncologist. They position patients and ensure that the beams are in the right position before administering radiation. All of our radiation therapists are certified by the American Registry of Radiologic Technology.

Radiation oncology nurses

Radiation oncology nurses act as patient care coordinators, advocates and educators. They help patients manage their symptoms in addition to assessing how they’re are doing throughout treatment. All of our radiation oncology nurses are certified by the Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation.