Weight loss/gain

Maintaining a healthy weight is critical for cancer survivors. While many patients lose weight during cancer treatment, others will actually gain weight. Fluctuations in weight can be due to

  • Anxiety
  • Lack of appetite
  • Lack of exercise or physical activity
  • Poor dietary choices

The reality is that any cancer treatment—whether chemotherapy, radiation, surgery or other medical therapy — can cause you to change your eating habits and activity levels. Hormonal therapies can even cause you to gain weight.

Achieving a healthy weight and body mass index (BMI) is important for your overall health. Try to keep active and eat healthy foods. Drink plenty of water. Above all, don’t go on a rapid weight loss diet, which can trigger other health concerns. Your goal is to eat healthy foods to gain or maintain weight OR start a nutrition plan that results in controlled weight loss.

At the Siteman Cancer Center, we can refer you to certified dietitians that can work with you to develop a healthy, nutritious diet plan. To contact a dietitian, call 314-454-7619.