Community Outreach and Engagement

Director: Bettina Drake, PhD, MPH

Siteman Cancer Center (SCC) has spent 20 years building community relationships, providing clinical services, and conducting community-based and health disparities research throughout the region. These efforts have been successful due to SCC partnerships with investigators, patients, and the community to reduce cancer disparities in our region. SCC’s catchment spans 82 counties across two states with different levels of health insurance coverage (Missouri and Illinois) and includes substantial urban and rural populations with racial disparities. In response to changes in demographics and cancer burden in the patient and community population, SCC investigators have developed tailored educational materials, cancer-specific community partnerships, a clinical trial participation monitoring system, and expanded clinical services as part of SCC’s Comprehensive Outreach Strategy. SCC’s Community Outreach and Engagement (COE) component builds on this foundation to sustain partnerships and ensure that all cancer patients and communities can benefit from clinical and scientific advances using SCC’s science-to-community conduit through nimble, timely, and comprehensive translation of research to practice.

To reduce the cancer burden and disparities in SCC’s catchment, COE will pursue the following specific aims:

Organization Coe Aims


Aim 1. Monitor and evaluate the cancer burden and related disparities in the SCC catchment

Aim 2. Accelerate the implementation of outreach, education, and clinical resources in collaboration with communities to reduce the cancer burden and related disparities in the SCC catchment.

Aim 3. Support research to reduce the cancer burden and related disparities in the SCC catchment through:

A. Support for community-based and health disparities research;

B. Continuous evaluation and education to promote diversity in clinical trial participation.


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Community Partnerships

Cancer Disparities and Community-Based Research

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