Volunteer Application Checklist

Please refer to the information below to ensure the requirements for the application process are met. This process is for applicants 18 years old or older.

Getting Started


Please complete the application completely, including personal reference information. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Personal References

A reference form is sent to the person listed on your application’s personal reference section. Please note that personal references may not be related to you. For example, an, employer, friend or business associate may provide a reference. The volunteer resource program will not contact you to schedule an interview until two (2) references are received.

Interview  Process

Upon receiving your application and two (2) personal references, the volunteer resource program will contact you to schedule an interview. Please allow one to one and a half hours. The interview helps us learn more about you and to find the right placement for your skills, time and talent. If accepted for a volunteer assignment, you will have a picture taken for the identification badge, complete the background check form and begin the first part of the two-part tuberculosis (TB) test.

After the Interview

Background Check Form

The background check form is completed and processed after the interview. All prospective volunteers must complete a background check that is screened at no cost to you for criminal background histories by state and/or federal agencies. People with convictions of felony offenses or misdemeanor offensives involving drugs, child abuse, assault or other violent behavior are not eligible to volunteer at the Siteman Cancer Center.

Two-Part PPD Test(s)

If you are not current on the two-part tuberculosis (TB) test, you can receive the test at no charge at Siteman. Or bring in documentation from a health-care provider stating that you received the two-part tuberculosis test within the past year to the interview. You will need one (1) additional tuberculosis test if you have had only one within the past 12 months. You must return  to Siteman 48 to 72 hours after the injection to have it read.

Volunteer Training

New volunteer orientation will be scheduled after your interview. The orientation includes information about hospital policies, procedures, safety and confidentiality procedures. Specific training about your volunteer assignment will begin on your first day of volunteering.

Orientation and Competency Assessment Form

Complete the orientation and competency assessment with your supervisor to ensure you have received the proper training for your volunteer assignment. Please return the form within two weeks of your first day to the volunteer resource program office.