Colorectal Cancer Patient Stories

Patient doesn’t let colostomy slow him down
Gene Leuckel says he received excellent care from his surgeon, Matthew Mutch, MD. Leuckel now has a colostomy, but he says it hasn’t kept him from continuing to play basketball with “the young guys.”

Colonoscopy leads to early detection for woman with family history
Karen Sieve says her family history of colon cancer led her to get her first colonoscopy, despite being active and feeling great.

Patient and triathlete has resolve of steel
Terri Griege of Creve Coeur, MO is not your typical cancer patient. Through dedication and determination, she continues to accomplish athletic feats while undergoing treatment for colon cancer.

Getting back to normal
When Alissa Murphy learned she had rectal cancer, her first thought was about her quality of life. Three years later, she’s back to doing all the things she enjoyed before her diagnosis, including diving.

Increasing her odds
As the sole living parent of three beautiful children, Kathy Ferrara was stunned when she was diagnosed with stage II colon cancer. The standard treatment for this type of cancer is surgery only. But through the Siteman Cancer Center, Ferrara learned she had a high-risk form of the disease and could benefit from further treatment.