Colorectal Cancer Patient Stories

At Siteman, we are constantly inspired by the strength, resilience and determination of our patients. Here are just a few of our incredible colorectal cancer patients and their stories.


Colonoscopy leads to early detection for woman with family history

Karen Sieve says her family history of colon cancer led her to get her first colonoscopy, despite being active and feeling great.

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Patient doesn't let colostomy slow him down

Gene Leuckel says he received excellent care from his surgeon, Matthew Mutch, MD. Leuckel now has a colostomy, but he says it hasn’t kept him from continuing to play basketball with “the young guys.”

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Patient and triathlete has resolve of steel

Terri Griege of Creve Coeur, MO is not your typical cancer patient. Through dedication and determination, she continues to accomplish athletic feats while undergoing treatment for colon cancer.

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