Genetic Counseling for Ovarian Cancer

In some cases, ovarian cancer is caused by inherited genetic mutations, especially mutations in the BRCA genes. When you come to Siteman, you will be offered genetic testing and counseling to see if these mutations could be driving your cancer. Our genetic counseling team includes doctors, oncology nurse specialists, psychologists and board-certified genetic counselors.

Identifying a genetic mutation can lead to improved, targeted treatment for you and can provide important information for other family members who could be at risk.

If one of your family members has a genetic mutation associated with ovarian cancer, you may want to consider genetic testing to see if you have that mutation as well.

Genetic testing is simple and only involves a blood draw at a laboratory.

Making the decision to undergo genetic testing can be very difficult. At Siteman, we recommend that patients meet with a trained genetic counselor both before and after the test. The counselor’s job is not to tell you what to do; instead, he or she will give you the tools to decide if testing is the right option for you. If you do choose to pursue testing, the counselor will also help you prepare for whatever results you might receive.

Women with cancer-causing genetic mutations have a number of options, including having their ovaries removed prophylactically to prevent cancer from occurring. Your genetic counselor and physicians will discuss these options with you and are always ready to offer guidance.

To find out if genetic counseling is right for you, visit the Heredity Risk Assessment website.