Siteman Grant Writing Workshop

URiM and Women postdoctorates, clinical investigators, and Early Stage Investigators (ESI) with no previous funding are encouraged to apply.

General Information

This four-session course curriculum will include:

    • Getting started: grant options depending on level.
    • Overview of grant writing, grant mechanisms (F99/K00, and/or other K grants), sections, and developing a focus and scope to fit a mechanism.
    • Discuss important components of F99/K00, and/or other K grants, as well as thought process and activities in grant planning (i.e. focus, scope, timeline, feedback, etc).
    • Present specific aims page for critique from Siteman and ICTS review team.
    • Begin to work through the unique elements of the F99/K00, and/or other K grants.
      • Writing the specific aims page, strong preliminary data, biosketch, and career development sections.


General information is below and a detailed schedule will be provided to those confirmed for enrollment.

Day Dates Location Time
1  July 18 Taylor Avenue Building (TAB), Blackwell 11:00 am-2:00 pm
2 July 25
3 August 1 Taylor Avenue Building (TAB), Doll & Hill
4 August 8

Schedule subject to change



  • Cancer-research focused (includes addressing disparities and inequities)
  • Level: Predoctoral trainees, postdoctorates, clinical investigators and Early Stage Investigators without prior funding
  • Official affiliation with Washington University in St. Louis or Washington University School of Medicine

Attributes considered within application (in no specific order):

  • Meets eligibility criteria
  • Complete online application
  • Level of applicant (special consideration for postdocs and early stage investigator w/o funding)
  • Applicants with specific grant mechanism targeted (special consideration for F99/K00/other K awards)
  • Previous interest in attending expressed
  • Issues related to inequities, disparities, URiM & women addressed
  • DEI values statement

Apply Here

Apply by Friday, March 22, 5:00 pm CST

A complete application includes submission of both components below:


Siobhan Sutcliffe, PhD

Siobhan Sutcliffe, PhD

Professor of Surgery, Division of Public Health Sciences

Contact Us

Please email [email protected] with any questions. If you are interested in this Grant Writing Workshop and unable to attend for any reason, please contact us.