Our Approach to Lung Cancer

Our Approach

Lung cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer. Fortunately, the techniques used to treat it are improving at a rapid pace. The medications and procedures available today are more advanced than they were five years ago, or even two years ago. That’s why it’s important to choose a treatment center that incorporates the most recent breakthroughs into patient care.

The physicians and scientists at Siteman Cancer Center are responsible for many of these breakthroughs. They lead important research studies and clinical trials and bring their laboratory discoveries directly to their patients. Because we constantly pursue more effective therapies, our patients often have better outcomes.

Hear from patients who’ve been treated for lung cancer at Siteman.

The Siteman difference

Siteman Cancer Center is the only National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center in Missouri. U.S. News and World Report consistently rates us as one of the top cancer centers in the nation.

Patients who come to Siteman receive personalized cancer care that is tailored to their genes. As the first institution in the world to sequence a cancer genome, we will analyze your genes to look for keys to your disease and treatment. This helps your physicians choose the therapies and medications that will work best for you.

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Expert physicians and surgeons

When you choose Siteman, you will be cared for by Washington University Physicians who are specialists in the treatment of lung cancer. Our doctors and surgeons see over 900 lung cancer patients a year, far more than most community hospitals.

Meet Siteman’s lung cancer specialist team.

Precision surgeries

Patients with earlier-stage lung cancer are often treated with surgery. The thoracic, or chest, surgeons at Siteman conduct more lung cancer surgeries than any other team in our area. They know how to perform leading-edge procedures, such as sleeve resections, that preserve as much lung tissue as possible. They also use robotic technology to conduct minimally-invasive surgeries.

Learn more about robotic-assisted lung surgeries at Siteman.

Safe, innovative radiation therapy

Many patients with lung cancer are treated with radiation therapy. The Washington University radiation oncologists at Siteman Cancer Center lead the nation in performing radiation therapy safely and effectively. Siteman was the first facility in the world to unite MR-imaging and radiation therapy in a new, combined treatment that allows physicians to target tumors more precisely.

Read about how Siteman keeps radiation therapy safe.

Clinical trials

Lung cancer patients at Siteman are often treated through clinical trials. Sometimes, a trial can lead to remission or even a cure. They are especially important for lung cancer patients because there aren’t many treatment options for late-stage cancer at this time. Siteman offers more clinical trials than any other facility in the region.

Explore the clinical trials for lung cancer available at Siteman.

Personal support

At Siteman, we understand that excellent cancer care takes a personal touch. Our experienced nurses are specially trained to support cancer patients and will help you cope with your symptoms, treatments, and side effects. We also have registered dieticians on staff who can provide guidance about nutrition, offering ideas for meals that will taste good as you move through your treatment plan. In addition, our team of skilled cancer psychologists is available for free therapy sessions.

As a unique feature of your care, we also offer the services of a palliative care specialist who can help you manage pain and other side effects of your treatments.

Learn more about supportive services at Siteman.

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