Principal Investigators

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David Mutch, MD, Washington Unversity

Doris Benbrook, PhD, University of Oklahoma

Kimberly Leslie, MD, University of New Mexico


The Route 66 Endometrial Cancer Specialized Programs of Research Excellence (SPORE) brings together interactive research teams from several institutions to create a dynamic translational research program aimed at developing and testing new strategies to prevent and treat endometrial cancer. The Route 66 Endometrial Cancer SPORE includes three translational research projects:

Project 1:  Targeting HSPA Proteins in Advanced and Recurrent Endometrial Cancer Therapy

  • Clinical Co-Leader: Kathleen Moore, MD, University of Oklahoma
  • Basic Co-Leader: Doris Benbrook, PhD, University of Oklahoma

Project 2:  Inhibiting AXL to Improve Treatment Response in Endometrial Cancer

Project 3: Primary Prevention and Uterine Preservation in Premenopausal Women with Obesity and Endometrial Hyperplasia/Cancer

  • Clinical Co-Leader: Andrea Hagemann, MD
  • Basic Co-Leader: Kimberly Leslie, MD, University of New Mexico

These projects are supported by three shared resources: an administrative core; a biostatistics and bioinformatics core; and, a biospecimens, metabolomics, and pathology core. This SPORE also supports a Career Enhancement Program to recruit and mentor new investigators in translational endometrial cancer research and a Developmental Research Program to support innovative translational concepts.

For additional information about the Route 66 Endometrial Cancer SPORE, please contact Dr. David Mutch ([email protected]) or Linda Odibo, RN, MN, SPORE Administrator ([email protected]).