Support Services

Colorectal cancer can be overwhelming for patients of any age, but for patients with young-onset colorectal cancer, this diagnosis presents a unique set of challenges. A colorectal cancer diagnosis can affect finances, disrupt careers and impact the ability to have children, all of which are important concerns for people under 50.

The Young-Onset Colorectal Cancer (YO-CRC) Program at Siteman focuses exclusively on meeting the needs of younger adult colorectal cancer patients through both clinical care and support services.

Support services offered through the YO-CRC program include:



Cancer treatment can impact both men and women’s ability to have children. Reproductive endocrinologists at the Washington University Fertility and Reproductive Medicine Center at Barnes-Jewish Hospital have long-standing expertise in fertility preservation and treating infertility issues.

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Sexual health

Many cancer patients have sexual dysfunction concerns during or after treatment. In men, treatment can increase the risk of erectile dysfunction and problems with ejaculation and urine leakage. In women, treatment may cause vaginal dryness, reduced sensation, inability to orgasm, or pain during intercourse.

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Cancer can be a very difficult and emotionally draining experience. Counseling services are available for cancer patients and their families through Siteman Psychology Service. We also work with the Washington University Department of Psychiatry, which provides psychiatric care for Siteman patients.

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Integrative medicine

Our Integrative Oncology and Health Clinic provides care that addresses the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs of each individual patient. Services may include a whole-person evaluation, acupuncture, group activities and spiritual counseling.

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Social work

Our social workers are available to help patients and their families with issues such as lodging and transportation, rehabilitation and hospice care. They also identify community resources related to housing, employment, legal issues and financial concerns.

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Colon Cancer Prevention


Licensed registered dietitians at Siteman are available to provide general nutritional counseling throughout treatment and recovery, assessment of nutritional needs and techniques for coping with the side effects of treatment.

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Virtual support services

In addition to medical care and in-person support services, Siteman offers many services in a virtual format. Virtual services offered include exercise classes, muscle relaxation and horticultural therapy.

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