Siteman Cancer Center makes it a priority to share disease prevention and health communication research findings with the public. This dedication to community engagement has resulted in several platforms to keep people and communities in our service area and beyond aware of ways they can stay healthy and prevent disease.

Community members interested in learning more or joining a partnership can contact PECaD at 314-286-2587 or

Partnership Groups

PECaD’s cancer community partnerships foster ongoing dialogue with community stakeholders, including individuals and community organizations in the region. The goal is to refine program strategies designed to reduce and ultimately eliminate cancer disparities. The partnerships create an avenue through which community cancer needs and priorities can then be reflected in the implementation of program activities.

Members of each partnership consist of cancer survivors and advocates, representatives from community health-care organizations, representatives of community-based organizations, and academic faculty members and staff. Together, partnership members regularly review progress and update/refine goals and projects as needed. We encourage faculty and staff within Washington University to attend partnership meetings to learn about community cancer priorities and interact with community members. This enhances the relevance and reach of research activities to community priorities and needs.

PECaD Leadership Team

Graham Colditz, MD, DrPH
Niess-Gain Professor
Associate Director, Prevention and Control



Kia Davis

Kia Davis, ScD, MPH
Assistant Professor
Director, Community Research Fellows Training Program



Mark FialaMark Fiala, MSW
Assistant Professor
Chair, Health Equity Fellows



Dr. Lannis HallLannis Hall, MD, MPH
Associate Professor
Medical Director, Radiation Oncology
Director, Clinical Studies Outreach


Edmund Lowe

Rev. Edmund Lowe, BA, MA, HR
President Elder African Methodist Episcopal Church
Chair, Disparities Elimination Advisory Committee



Chongliang LuoChongliang Luo, PhD
Assistant Professor
Siteman Biostatistics Core Faculty



Sanders Thompson Vetta

Vetta Sanders-Thompson, PhD
E. Desmond Lee Professor of Racial and Ethnic Diversity
Chair, Center for Community Health Partnerships and Research



Dr. WangJean Wang, MD, PhD
Chair, MO Colorectal Cancer Roundtable



Aimee S. James

Aimee James, PhD, MPH
Co-Lead, Prevention and Control

State-wide and National Collaborations

Siteman is leading efforts in the following local and national organizations:

Mo Cancer Consortium

Missouri Cancer Consortium

Organization: Siteman Cancer Center
Chair Elect: Sarah Chavez, PhD
Colorectal Cancer Roundtable: Jean Wang, MD, PhD
HPV Working Group: Vetta Sanders Thompson, PhD
Breast Cancer Workgroup: Melody Schaeffer, MPH
Missouri Ovarian Cancer Coalition: Sarah Chavez, PhD

Missouri Cancer Consortium
Mic Logo

Missouri Immunization Coalition

HPV Campaign Workgroup: Sarah Chavez, PhD
Provider Education Workgroup: Sarah Chavez, PhD

Missouri Immunization Coalition

Illinois Cancer Partnership

Prevention Subcommittee: Sarah Chavez, PhD
Screening Subcommittee: Aimee James, PhD, MPH

Illinois Cancer Partnership