Genome Engineering and iPSC Center (GEiC)

Leader: Xiaoxia Cui, PhD
Associate Leaders: Jeffrey Milbrandt, MD, PhD

The goal of the Genome Engineering and Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Center is to speed scientific discovery through the rapid and precise modification of genomes. Genome engineering uses custom endonucleases to create targeted double-strand breaks in genomic DNA. The repair of these DNA breaks by the natural cellular repair machinery can lead to targeted, user defined genomic modifications enabling unprecedented abilities to study genetic variation and to manipulate cells for research and therapeutic purposes. Induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSCs) have the potential to develop into all tissues and organs and therefore open new research avenues for disease modeling. Skin fibroblasts or renal epithelial cells from urine can be reprogrammed into iPSCs, which in turn can be differentiated into specific cell type to study pathogenesis. The GEiC provides access to these technologies for cancer researchers.

PRICING: Please contact the core for current pricing of services offered.

CONTACT: Shondra Miller at, 314-362-2906