Genome Technology Access Center (GTAC)

Director: Richard Head  (Please note that a new web site is currently under construction).

This core is devoted to the development and implementations of technologies useful in analyzing mutations and aberrant gene expression in human malignancies. The methodologies utilized in the Molecular Core Laboratory include next generation sequencing, high throughput PCR/RT-PCR, gene expression and DNA microarrays, SNP detection, and state-of-the-art bioinformatics analysis. Services that the core offers include:

  • Providing detection of tumor-specific mutations and gene expression patterns in patient samples using conventional and laboratory-developed assays.
  • Providing test validation and direct translation of research observation to clinical cancer genetics analysis
  • Providing a seamless conduit from Siteman Cancer Center’s Tissue Procurement Core so that tumor samples can be accessed, processed and analyzed in an organized fashion.

Mike Heinz, Core Manager
Twyla Juehne, Laboratory Manager
Mala Sharma, Gene Expression Analysis
Yasmin Razia, Genotyping Assays
Jinsheng Yu, Staff Scientist

PRICING: Please contact the core for current pricing of services offered.

LOCATION: Cortex Building, Room 205, 4320 Forest Park Ave

TO ACCESS: Call 314-286-1276 or e-mail